Custom Cabinets

Your bathroom is your sanctuary. Your personal space. Your private little getaway. If your bathroom is a mess, you feel a mess.

Bathrooms are also not usually the largest space in your home. Nor the most sanitary. They have specific requirements to operate properly -- to get the most out of your space and your experience.

Don’t settle for a prefabricated cabinet, vanity, countertop or other storage and surfaces. You want your bathroom to function at its highest potential, and not feel cramped or disorganized. Your needs are unique to you and your space so stop trying to squeeze yourself into someone else’s box. For your bathroom to have the ultimate utilization, you need custom. For your bathroom to have the most unified luxurious look, you want custom. The days of tirelessly trying to find a cabinet or countertop that fits your space, your storage needs AND matches the design of your bathroom, are gone.

Our custom designs come with a limited lifetime warranty. You will have only the highest quality materials to choose from and the varieties -- the styles, shapes, colors, looks, textures -- are almost endless. We will work with you to micro-tailor your dream cabinetry. Any color, any design, we can do it.

Full extension drawers

Solid maple construction with dove-tail joinery at all four corners

Under mount drawer guides with soft close feature

No particle board. EVER!

Now, if you’re looking for new cabinetry or vanities, chances are you’re going to want or need to upgrade your countertop as well. Here’s another area where mistakes are often made. If your countertop has a permanent stain, if it’s difficult to clean, if it’s chipping or falling apart, it’s not from us. We’re excited to offer man-made quartz, a non-porous, stain-proof material that LOOKS like luxurious granite and marble without the tedious maintenance. Unlike those elements found in nature, this was scientifically created to handle the constant trauma your countertop is put through.

A Moisture-Rich environment requires technology to inhibit mold growth and material breakdown so just any old cabinet or countertop won’t do. It is also NOT the type of environment to keep cabinetry, shelving units, countertops, etc constructed using products full of formaldehydes and other chemicals. Ourn cabinets don’t encourage mold, release poison into your shower steam or breakdown quickly. Our cabinets are built to last a lifetime using only the best materials to keep you safe and cleaning easy, no heavy scrubbing required.

And on top of it all, it’s your unique style suited perfectly to your wants and needs. You’re not settling for what someone else threw together. Prefabricated products that don’t fit and aren’t built to last? Or custom fitted and designed products of the highest quality built to last a lifetime? The choice is clear, and it doesn’t cost what you might think.

If your space is anything less than zen, you need to give us a call.